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The request for handmade area rugs has grown drastically in Orange County as home-owners continuously replace their carpets with hardwood and tile floors. Adding a beautiful traditional handmade area rug adds warmth and elegance to any room. Since many of these rugs are considered pieces of “art”, they often increase in value as they age.

Repairing your rug after it has been damaged ensures that your investment will be preserved. Unfortunately, few area rug repair companies in Orange County have the passion and proven expertise necessary to repair, restore, or clean traditional quality hand-knotted area rugsRug Repair Orange County’s team of highly skilled artisans ensures that your handmade area rug is exquisitely restored so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

The goal of a “restoration” is to return an object back to its original or initial condition. Rugs are meant to be used over time, and if cared for properly, they will increase in value. Normal wear from everyday use is a healthy way to age the wool fibers; as oxidation mellows the colors in the wool. True rug repair requires that the same type of materials used to create the rug, are used during the rug repair process. This means that the area rug repair process must utilize materials of the same age and type, including the same type of dyes and fibers.

To make sure we are prepared to do rug repairs from any age or region of the world, we maintain a library with 1,000’s of different yarn types of all ages and colors, ensuring we are prepared to meet your needs and expectations. It is important to note that some area rugs are not worth repairing since the rug repair itself will cost more than the actual rug’s value. Sometimes your area rug may be valuable only because it’s a family heirloom and there is an emotional attachment to the rug.

To decide whether a rug repair makes financial sense, you must determine the market value of the damaged rug, the cost of the rug repair, and the market value of the repaired area rug.  If the rug is worth less than the repair itself, repairing the rug is not recommended. Our experts at Rug Repair Orange County can help you determine the value of your rug and if a rug repair makes financial sense.

If you decide against a full rug restoration, we offer basic rug repairs which will allow you to stabilize the structure of the rug and prevent further damage so your area rug can continue to provide beauty and warmth to your home.

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Rug Repair Orange County is your one stop shop for all your area rug cleaning and rug repair needs. From moth damage, to mildew build-up and fire and water damage repair, Rug Repair Orange County equips all the necessary tools, state of the art facility, and experienced technicians to care for ALL your rug repair needs. 

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