Is your area rug suffering from pet stains? Are you tired of smelling the unpleasant scent left behind from pet mishaps?

Pet accidents occur every day, and unfortunately sometimes they happen on a rug in your home. Rugs become an easy target for a loving pet that for whatever reason could not make it outside. Pets see the rug as a close resemblance to outside grass and chose your floor covering as the next best alternative.

Just because an accident has occurred on your rug does not mean it is ruined by any means.There are different methods that can be used to return an accident prone rug back to its original condition.

One of those ways can be to have your area rug that has suffered from the displeasing scent of pet stains and urine, cleaned by a professional rug cleaner. If you decide to take this option, make sure to call upon a local company who knows how to handle pet stains and urine removal the proper way. It takes knowledge, experience, and the proper equipment to complete the task at hand.

Most companies use active enzymes to dissolve and strike pet stains and urine. These are harmless living bacteria that attack the pet stain and break it up. When you smell an animal accident, what you smell are the bacteria “off gassing”. This means that the living bacteria are giving off an unpleasant smell due to the salt deposits caused by the urine. This allows for the complete removal of the urine during the wash process.

If not treated with urgent care, dye bleeding may occur as a result of the high PH levels urine extracts into the rug. For heavy urine deposits, a soaking pit can be utilized. The pit is typically filled with enough water to completely submerge an area rug.

Strong deodorizing agents and active enzymes are then used and left to sit on the area rug for 8-10 hours. Since the carpet is completely submerged, both sides and every part of the rug are coming in contact with the cleaning agents. This is the most effective and complete way to entirely get rid of pet stains and urine removal.

After the urine has been removed, the regular wash process occurs. The area rug is scrubbed on a concrete wash floor and rinsed heavily with fresh water to remove any residual cleaning product that may have been missed.

The area rug is then rolled up and placed in a centrifuge and spun at a high r.p.m. to remove 95% of the water. The area rug is finally hoisted into a drying room that has been set at an optimal temperature for drying rugs and left overnight. What comes out is a pet stain and urine free area rug, cleaned and washed to flawless perfection.

Pet stain and urine removal can be an unrelenting scenario to deal with. As much as we all love our pets, at times, we also can’t stand them for some of the unwise decisions they choose to make. However, if dealt with at ease and urgently, this problem can become a thing of the pass.


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